We are NA For Change.

 We are a group of North Allegheny community members pushing for policy and culture change to better the educational experience of students for years to come.

About Us

Our Beliefs

We believe that education is the key to instilling a culture of respect and inclusion in today’s world and that every student deserves an education that reflects the immense diversity that makes up our communities, nation, and planet.

We believe that civil discussion, awareness, and open dialogues are necessary to move forward, along with a willingness on behalf of institutions to proactively acknowledge fault and act to continuously improve their policies for the benefit of all students.

We believe that when all students learn about cultures and narratives that may be foreign to them, they naturally become more informed and open-minded people for it; with narrative-changing action, our world can become more united in its mission to eliminate manifestos and actions of hate.

We believe in the empowerment of youth leaders; supposed lack of experience is more than made up for in passion, hard work, and an endless flow of optimism for the future that course through us.

With the energy and fresh perspective of youth voices and the experiences of mentors, no problem is impossible to solve. We are confident in the optimistic aspirations of the upcoming generation, especially when it comes to diversity and inclusion, and are invested in unlocking the potential that each student holds in the success of these aims.

This is about respecting the dignity of an individual. There is no place for hate, but there is also no place for indifference.

September 16, 2020

Let’s honor those that came before us and give our current and future students the ability to thrive by providing them a comfortable atmosphere that celebrates their differences every day.

June 17, 2020