NA For Change Announces ​Caravan For Change: Optimism and Action in Trying Times for Wednesday, June 17

Watching the news and seeing crying families, funerals, and graphic videos once again bring the issue of race in America to the forefront of the national conscience. We at North Allegheny believe that everyone has the right to be seen as truly equal in the eyes of the law and the hearts of America. This issue is a result of institutional problems but also American apathy; every person plays a part in the existence of racism. It is time to go beyond our Instagram activism and reach a substantial change in our own communities.

The community is fortunate to pertain to an affluent school distinct–abundant with resources, and ripe for opportunities. While North Allegheny has made significant strides to create a more inclusive environment, more must be done to teach our fellow students about the struggles minorities are facing in this country and how we got to this point. Starting with challenging conversations, we hope to confront inequalities head-on—from microaggressions to systemic discrimination—and become the change this world desperately needs. We encourage everyone, from students, alumni, and administration, to create and implement innovative solutions rooted in anti-racism, education, and action. We are proposing a set of tangible and easily-implemented solutions based on student experience and publicly-available information that can immediately relieve the issues the North Allegheny school culture faces. However, alongside school initiatives/reform, true change comes from the house. We encourage each family to discuss what it means to be an anti-racist in their household, educate themselves and vow to take an active stance as opposed to being a bystander.

We will be assembling to form a caravan that will traverse a predetermined route, hitting major roads and landmarks in the North Hills area, to honor the legacies of the change-makers who came before us and to galvanize the community around us in being the change-makers of today. Please arrive with your car decorated with signage–posters, paint, etc.–as we will be parading and want our message of optimism, action, and acknowledgment of American faults to reach as many eyes as possible. Bust out your car markers, poster board, and tape; get as creative as you can when you decorate your car! We will be providing the routes through email after registration and will have a police escort throughout the entire route. Before completing our route, we will be holding a small rally at Blueberry Hill park; we will hear from speakers and students and their hopes and plans to foment change.

If you feel symptoms of COVID-19 or think you may be at risk of exposing others, please do not show up to this event. Instead, please visit our website to see what else you can do to support our cause. We strongly encourage you to bring a face mask to prevent the spread of COVID-19; if you do not wear one, we will strongly encourage you to leave. Social distancing will be observed at this event. The Ross Township, McCandless Township, and Franklin Park Borough Police Department have all been notified of our event, have consented to its happening, and have agreed to facilitate it in various ways.

Sponsored by NA for Change–a group of North Allegheny students, alumni, and community members working to raise the issue of anti-racism to the NA community and advocating for the implementation of a set of immediate and tangible ways to positively benefit the community and its students–this peaceful demonstration will be a way to publicly advocate for optimism and action amidst national unrest along with ways each person can get involved in the fight against the scourge of racism in their local community.

Find more information and sign up here.

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