NA For Changes Releases Virtual Guidebook To Empower Students to Inspire In Their Own Communities

After seeing what an impact could be made with organization, passion, community support, media attention, and hard work, we found that our movement could help others in their quest for a more inclusive community. We recognized that there is an overwhelming amount of energy and passion dedicated to these causes, but that it is often difficult to know where to start. Every single person should have the means to fight for a cause they believe in. NA For Change created a guidebook, Anti-racists’ Declassified School Survival Guide, to assist other youth leaders to take up the causes they believe in while giving them some easily-digestible tips to help along the way!

In this guidebook, we have included everything from advice on social media content creation, to addressing your local school board, to organizing community events. A road map of what worked for us, present in the guidebook is a reflection of our successes, our struggles, and the journey along the way. We unequivocally agreed that this document should be made available to anyone who wants it.

Anti-racist’s Declassified School Survival Guide: How to Start a Homegrown Movement and Improve Your School District for All Students

We are a diverse coalition that continues to make our voices heard and who wishes the same for others. We understand that every school, community, and a group of students and alumni leading a cause contribute their own strengths, connections, and experiences. Although this guidebook details our journey, we realize that everyone’s path to success unfolds in different ways. Our strategies, successes, and struggles have been shaped by our environment–and we know the same will be true for anyone who takes up these noble causes.

We encourage you to read through the guidebook and take the advice that you feel you need the most, but no matter how much you read, you will still run into roadblocks, face resistance, and learn on the job. The nature of a movement is to be ever adaptable–ever determined to push forward no matter the circumstances. If you let your cause motivate you–if you let your passion drive you towards success, our guidebook will serve as a supplementary tool in your skillset towards success. Happy reading!

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