NA For Change Takes Over PA State Senator Lindsey Williams’ Instagram

On August 12th, we teamed up with Senator Lindsey Williams to make her supporters more aware of NA for Change and the actions we are taking to promote antiracism within our community. We took over Williams’ Instagram account for a day to showcase NA for Change’s history and accomplishments, as well as to generate support for our upcoming Student Voices in Racial Equity Town Hall with Senator Williams. 

Screenshots from the Instagram Takeover.

We highlighted NA for Change’s initial video featuring NA alumni and current students addressing racism within North Allegheny and demanding more from the district, and we laid out a timeline of our community events, including the Caravan for Change: Optimism and Action in Trying Times and Virtual Concert for Racial Justice. We fielded questions from dozens of students, alumni, and parents who were interested in NA for Change and wanted to take action themselves. Most importantly, as representatives of a youth-led movement, we emphasized the value of everyone utilizing their platform and voice to benefit others and the greater good. Too many people underestimate their own power to create change and to inspire change in others–one of our goals is to encourage other young activists to take action and defend their beliefs just as we have.

NA for Change is incredibly grateful that Senator Williams decided to use her platform in a way that uplifts student activists and a cause worth fighting for. You can check out the whole takeover on the NA4C Takeover highlight on the @senwilliamspa Instagram page.

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