NA For Change Celebrates the New Year

2020: a year of unprecedented challenges, physical distancing, and social unity.

This year, we learned that compassion and mutual support changes lives.

Mask answers No. 3: My face is breaking out, now what? | Novant Health |  Healthy Headlines
Woman with face mask. Credit: Getty Images

This year, we faced strenuous challenges and discovered our resilience to overcome them.

Food Banks See Surge In Demand As Coronavirus Pandemic Puts Millions Out Of  Work | Here & Now
Food bank distribution. Credit: AP

This year, we witnessed our community come together—even when the world seemed set on the opposite.

Caravan For Change, June 17 2020. Credit: Jess Daninhirsch

This year, NA For Change grew out of a shared commitment to uplift and unite around the idea that every student deserves to feel valued, respected, and seen throughout their education.

Today, we are ending 2020 empowered to take on whatever 2021 throws our way. We are so happy you are here today (despite everything!) and are excited to see more of everyone in the year to come. Here’s to 2021 and great new heights! 🎉

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