NA For Change Releases An End of 2020 Community Update

Dear North Allegheny community,

2020 has been a year like no other, chock full of life-changing events. Although we stayed home, we still collectively witnessed history unfold before us: COVID-19, the 2020 election, and Black Lives Matter—the largest movement in American history. Many of us also faced private challenges during this time—financial, physical, and emotional—that complicated how we navigated school and work. Despite deep feelings of despair, moments of joy and hope inspired us to come together and strengthen the resilience that will move us forward. 

Over the last seven months, the North Allegheny Tiger community has pushed us to reach our original goals while also discovering new ones. 

Most recently, we are supporting dialogue in pursuit of diverse representation and content across students’ education. 

This fall, we launched our #IAmForChange campaign to give members of our community the opportunity to share their stories and perspectives at school board meetings. These moving essays turned speeches touched on topics from anti-semitism and Native American genocide to going above tolerance and teaching empathy. 

Moreover, the North Allegheny School Board appointed Dr. Friez as the district’s new superintendent—a decision lauded by our coalition as one that elevates goals aligning with ours. 

We continue to look towards North Allegheny’s administration and school board to update policies regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion and thank them for their ongoing cooperation. We also recognize the indispensable efforts that educators and students have made to improve our district’s learning environment and social climate.

We believe that institutions such as our schools have a responsibility to their communities—to foster classrooms that practice honesty and preach respect.

As we close out the calendar year, we look onto the next one with invigorated passion, commitment, and optimism. We will continue to keep you informed and are always willing to have conversations with anyone in good faith. Along these lines, we encourage feedback and ideas for future projects. If you would like to get involved or share your thoughts, visit our website at 

On behalf of all of us at NA For Change, thank you for supporting us, engaging with our work, and committing to an inclusive, anti-racist future. Happy New Year! 

In solidarity,

NA For Change

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