#IAmForChange – Pushing Progress Forward

Pushing Progress Forward By G. Viribus, student On April 12th, 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was arrested while protesting against racial segregation in Birmingham, Alabama. While in the Birmingham jail, he got his hands on a newspaper containing a statement by several local white clergymen discouraging the methods used by the peaceful protestors. InContinue reading “#IAmForChange – Pushing Progress Forward”

#IAmForChange – Being Black at North Allegheny: Racism and the Road Ahead

Being Black at North Allegheny: Racism and the Road Ahead By E. Dozier, L. Subeir, E. Britton, and L. Bautista, students and alumnus Evan’s Story Hello and good evening. I am here today as a representative of NA For Change.  I joined NA For Change in late June after my cousin, Elise, shared the opportunityContinue reading “#IAmForChange – Being Black at North Allegheny: Racism and the Road Ahead”

#IAmForChange-In Need of a Change

Schools are microcosms of the world we live in, and within them, we find that there are very real and raw issues students are having to deal with every day. A critical aspect of inclusion is the assurance that the emotional, psychological, and social well-being of a student is strong and healthy. Unfortunately, too manyContinue reading “#IAmForChange-In Need of a Change”

#IAmForChange-This Is America

This Is America By R. Mendax, a student On January 6, the world–and our country–saw a noose erected on the grounds of the US Capitol. As the scene unfolded, we witnessed–in real-time–the desecration of America’s temple of democracy. It was a direct affront to, in addition to the immediate political crisis, the heart of whatContinue reading “#IAmForChange-This Is America”

NA For Change Participates in 21st Annual MLK Jr. Unity Breakfast

On January 18, 2021, representatives of NA For Change participated in the 21st Annual MLK Jr. Unity Breakfast, hosted by LaRoche University and AARP Pennsylvania. An annual community tradition bringing together members of the community together in the spirit of Reverend Dr. King’s legacy of service and civil rights, members of NA For Change wereContinue reading “NA For Change Participates in 21st Annual MLK Jr. Unity Breakfast”

NA For Change Celebrates the New Year

2020: a year of unprecedented challenges, physical distancing, and social unity. This year, we learned that compassion and mutual support changes lives. This year, we faced strenuous challenges and discovered our resilience to overcome them. This year, we witnessed our community come together—even when the world seemed set on the opposite. This year, NA ForContinue reading “NA For Change Celebrates the New Year”

NA For Change Releases An End of 2020 Community Update

Dear North Allegheny community, 2020 has been a year like no other, chock full of life-changing events. Although we stayed home, we still collectively witnessed history unfold before us: COVID-19, the 2020 election, and Black Lives Matter—the largest movement in American history. Many of us also faced private challenges during this time—financial, physical, and emotional—thatContinue reading “NA For Change Releases An End of 2020 Community Update”

#IAmForChange – Inspirations Through History: The Disability Rights Movement

Inspirations Through History: The Disability Rights Movement By C.P. Reich, student The American disability community is currently made up of about 40.7 million people; since the mid-nineteenth century, the disability community has sought to break out of limiting stereotypes that have, throughout history, defined their beings.  Long considered tragedies, disabled people frequently underwent forced sterilizationContinue reading “#IAmForChange – Inspirations Through History: The Disability Rights Movement”

#IAmForChange – The Past is Present, The Future is Now

The Past is Present, The Future is Now By D. Fiendfyre, student History establishes the framework upon which we identify our present. We inherit biases, triumphs, stories of both glory and toil—and through education, we reinforce these notions. We are products of our surroundings—like stones along a riverbank. As the rushing creek of our dailyContinue reading “#IAmForChange – The Past is Present, The Future is Now”