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Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilization.

Mahatma ghandi

No matter who you are, racism and prejudice affects all of us. It is both our individual and collective responsibility to actively speak up against it and push for a continuing path to full inclusion–a destination where our full potential may be reached.

Are You A Student or Alumni?

As a young person, your voice is especially powerful. We commend you for your interest, passion, and desire for a more inclusive world. We want to uplift and empower your voice, but the first step is joining us. We are excited to get right into the work with you!

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Join our #IAmForChange Campaign.

Learn about our ongoing #IAmForChange campaign and find out how you can get involved.

Are You A Parent, Educator, or Community Member?

Parents make up an important part of coalition and provide invaluable insight, experience, and much needed love. Educators are the backbone of our goals, and our programming is incredibly useful for educators of any school level. We are not a group without our immense community support–if you are looking to get involved and learn about respectfully engaging, educating, and inciting change, you found the right place! Join us!

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Submit Anonymous Testimonies Here

Members of the community, we have been collecting anonymous testimonies concerning stories of prejudice and racism at North Allegheny, past and present. If you are comfortable sharing, your story and your voice can impact the future generations of NA tigers.

Sign Our Petition

On June 17, we released a Letter to North Allegheny on Anti-racism. Read the petition, then sign it! Your support is appreciated, and your signature means the world to us. More importantly, your signature reinforces the community support our North Allegheny School Board must continue to witness!

Educator Feedback and Support

Educators, we would love to hear your thoughts. Why do you believe in NA For Change? What would you like to see more of? What would you like us to know? All comments will be made anonymously, and all identifying characteristics of your statement will not be publicly shared so as to protect your identity.

NA For Change

NA For Change is a coalition of North Allegheny students, alumni, parents, educators, and community members working to place the issue of antiracism at the forefront of the NA community’s attention.

Media Inquiries:

Please feel free to DM us as well; our DMs are always open!

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