On Driving Forward Tangible Change at North Allegheny School District:

NA For Change released a 27-page policy booklet as an addendum to our Letter to North Allegheny on Anti-racism detailing steps the North Allegheny School District could take to achieve meaningful change for marginalized students. Thoroughly researched and authored in collaboration with NA students past and present, the document covers a wide breadth of issues, from hiring practices to curriculum and student engagement.

On Creating Sustainable Youth-Led Community Movements for Positive Change:

NA For Change has created a guidebook focused on empowering youth leaders with the knowledge and tools needed to succeed in pursuing meaningful change within their own communities. Titled the Anti-racists’ Declassified School Survival Guide, this guidebook presents a roadmap with helpful tips in which leaders can find a good place to start their journey towards organizing their community for good.

Pennsylvania Department of Education
You can report instances of discrimination and receive assistance from the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Image Credit: Google

Reporting Instances of Illegal Discrimination Through the PA Department of Education

You have the right to get an education free from illegal discrimination. Education discrimination can happen in public and private schools; colleges and universities; and in trade, technical, professional or business schools (Pennsylvania Department of Education).

See more information here, and contact us if you need assistance in filing a complaint.

Let’s walk along the path to positive and inclusive change, together.

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